Why Mary Didn’t Die for Us

Q:  If Mary was totally sinless and pure, why did God need to send his Son to be a sacrifice? Why not use Mary?

A: It is true that Mary was fully redeemed (one consequence of this being her early reception of the gift of total sanctification, resulting in her having early the sinlessness we will all one day share). But there are two reasons why even though she was fully redeemed she would not have been an acceptable victim for the Cross:

  1. She was still a finite human being whose death would have only had a finite value; we needed a Person whose death was of infinite value to pay the infinite price of our sins against an infinite God.
  2. Because if Jesus hadn’t died then Mary would not have been fully redeemed and would not have been an acceptable sin sacrifice in the first place, even on a finite level. No Redeemer, no fully redeemed Mary and no fully redeemed us — ever.


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