Below are some questions that I answered back in the 1990s. Please bear in mind that I could answer them better today. As time permits, I will revise them and better integrate them into this site. –Jimmy Akin


“Asking Jesus into Your Heart”

“Black Israelites”

Abstinence During Lent

Action: Natural vs. Supernatural and Good vs. Evil

Angels Who Are Also Saints

Annulments Are Not Ecclesiastical Divorces

Aquinas on the Immaculate Conception

Are Fridays Still Days of Penance?

Are Non-Catholic Marriages Valid?

Baptism Is Not a “Good Work”

Calling Priests “Mister” Instead of “Father”

Can Priests Chance the Church’s Practice on Kneeling?

Can Priests Order You to Stand to Receive the Eucharist?

Can Protestants Go to Confession?

Can Souls in Hell Cause Us Problems?

Can the Saints Hear Our Prayers?

Can Unclean Things Enter Heaven?

Communal Penance Services

Converting When There Are Family Problems

Crucifixes or Crosses?

Devotion to Mary in Paul’s Epistles

Did the Jews Need Permission to Execute Christ?

Direct Action, Indirect Action, and Non-Action

Do People Stand for the Eucharist in Other Countries?

Embracing Suffering

Examples of Grounds for Annulments

Fat Tuesday

Finding Anti-Catholic Materials in a Bookstore

Giving up Something for Lent

Has There Been a Black Pope?

Heretics During the Middle Ages

How Do the Different Types of Action Relate to Contraception?

How Many Annulments Are There?

How to Be Saved

Is Abstinence a “Doctrine of Demons”?

Is Easter a Pagan Holiday?

Is Gambling a Sin?

Is Jesus Just a Hero?

Is Satan a Personal Being?

Jehovah’s Witnesses and John 14:28

Jesus and the Angel of God

Jesus’ “Once for All” Sacrifice

Jesus’ Descent Into Hell

Jesus’ Response to “Blessed Are the Breasts”

Jesus’ Use of the Term “Woman”

Justification and Peace with God

Kneeling at the Lamb of God

Legitimate Rebellion Against Unjust Rule

Liturgical Dance

Long Marriage Before Annulments

Mary and Genesis 3:15

Mary’s Purification in the Temple

Peter’s Suggestion During the Transfiguration

Prayer to the Saints and the Mediatorship of Christ

Preterism and Eschatology

Priests Performing Marriages in Non-Catholic Churches

Putting Ashes on Our Foreheads

Requirements for Mixed Marriages

Richard McBrien’s Book “Catholicism”

Sadness in Heaven and Mary’s Tears

Self-Baptism Is Not Possible

Should Anyone Be Called “Reverend”?

Should Courts Used Taped Confessions?

Tampering with the Liturgy

Testing Traditions Against Scripture

The Basis for Guardian Angels

The Book of Judith

The Catholic Church’s “Hang Up” About Annulments

The Church’s Authority to Establish Days of Fast and Abstinence

The Concordat with Nazi Germany

The Correct Words for Baptism

The Difference Between “LORD” and “Lord”

The Essential Properties of Marriage

The Historic Protestant View of Contraception

The Masons, Opus Dei, and the Pope?

The Meaning of “Mediatrix”

The Post-Resurrection Appearances of Jesus

The Significance of the Transfiguration

The Skullcap You See Some Churchmen Wearing

The Tearing of the Temple Curtain

The Thief on the Cross and Baptism

The Validity of the Eucharist in Lutheran and Anglican Churches

Transferrance Priests from One Parish to Another

Valid Matter for the Eucharist

Vows Taken by Protestant Ministers

Was Jesus Crucified on Wednesday or Friday?

Was John Paul II Anointed by a “Priestess of Shiva”?

Was the Canon of Scripture Infallibly Known Before Christ?

Was the Last Supper a Passover Meal?

What “Hosanna” Means

What Does Salvation Mean?

What Is a Saint?

What Is the Theological Significance of the Shamrock?

What Kind of Ashes Are Used on Ash Wednesday

When Did the Term “Roman Catholic” Come into Being?

When May Non-Catholics Receive Communion?

When the Soul Leaves the Body

Which Canon Did the Guttenberg Bible Use?

Why “Petros” Was Not Used Twice in Matthew 16:18

Why Do Miracles Occur Outside the Church

Why Is Fish Permitted on Days of Abstinence?

Why Is Lent Traditionally Reckoned as Forty Days?

Why Jesus Was Tested for Forty Days in the Desert

Why Mary Didn’t Die for Us

Why Only Priests Can Celebrate the Eucharist

Will There Be Free Will in the Afterlife?

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