Jesus and the Mystery of the Bronze Serpent

7_brass-serpent-crucifixionIn this live stream, I tackle the following questions:

00:01 How to understand Jesus’ reference to the bronze serpent in the desert? (John 3)

07:39 How can a Protestant with an illness receive healing through the Catholic sacraments?

18:09 If God used evolution to produce the human race, were Adam and Eve’s parents non-humans, and would they have had souls?

21:15 If a Catholic wants to marry an atheist, what does the Catholic need to do in terms of the wedding, etc.?

23:30 Should the Church mandate the Tridentine, Latin Mass for everyone to restore reverence?

29:27 Did Jesus appear to Mary after the Resurrection?

31:44 What’s the difference between being unworthy to receive Communion and receiving Communion unworthily?

34:43 What does Paul mean by “works of the Law” in Romans 3:28, given that he talks about sin and morals earlier in the chapter?

44:25 Who is the greatest member of the Legion of Super-Heroes?

45:34 Who created the Nefilim or giants in the Old Testament?

49:24 Is danger of death the only situation in which Protestants can receive Communion in a Catholic church?

52:05 How to answer Bart Ehrman’s charge that the New Testament contains contradictions that undermine Christian claims?

1:02:08 Why did John the Baptist call Jesus the Lamb of God? How did he know this title?

Do Dogs Go to Heaven? And More!


In this episode of Catholic Answers Live (July 11, 2017, 1st hour), Jimmy answers the following questions:

0:15 What are some of Cy’s favorite books?

2:30 What’s significant about John Paul II’s book “Crossing the Threshold of Hope”? (Hint: One thing is that he basically revealed the Third Secret of Fatima in it!)

4:50 Did Joseph Ratzinger ghostwrite many of John Paul II’s writings?

6:35 How to find hidden treasures in John Paul II’s and Benedict XVI’s Wednesday audiences.

11:50 How to respond to the challenge that Catholicism is false because it bases its teachings on things other than the Bible–the word of God.

16:00 What is the new path that Pope Francis has instituted for people becoming saints?

25:17 – What are some early church sources about the immaculate conception?

31:26 – Can a pope be a heretic personally?

33:40 – What is the earliest evidence for Purgatory?

37:50 – In Acts 11, St. Paul says his proof for the Gentiles in the Church is that the Holy Spirit falls on them. Is this analogous to the Holy Spirit working in other churches today?

44:06 – What are we supposed to be doing in the afterlife?

46:30 – How do we define grace? Someone told me we merit grace, but we also receive initial grace free of merit. So what are the different kinds of grace, where are some places we can find them in the Bible?

54:55 – Can a non-baptized person, who’s married to a Catholic, receive a Catholic funeral and burial?

57:50 – Do dogs go to Heaven?

Resources Mentioned:

The Drama of Salvation by Jimmy Akin

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How to Use the Internet for Evangelization–And More!


In this episode of Catholic Answers Live (July 13, 2017, 2nd hour), Jimmy answers the following questions:

4:25 How to responding to the challenge that Acts isn’t reliable history because it was written long after the events it describes.

12:11 – How can we use the internet for evangelism?

20:40 – In Revelation what does it mean at the end when it gives a curse to people who add or subtract?

29:39 – I’m wondering if there’s a definitive description of Heaven and Purgatory.

34:45 – Why is it that God can strike someone dead with no warning?

44:50 – Do you believe that Catholics and Protestants can be reconciled? And what form might it take?

51:32 – I’m marrying a non-Catholic and he has some weird history questions, why is the Vatican surrounded with walls? Where did all the treasure from the Crusades go?

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Is There Free Will in Heaven? And More!

free will in heaven

In this episode of Catholic Answers Live (June 22, 2017, 1st hour), Jimmy answers the following questions:

02:30 – What are your thoughts about baptizing infants twice? Once in the Catholic Church, once in the Protestant church.

10:30 – Will there be free will in Heaven?

12:10 – Does 1 John 5:13 tell Christians that they know for sure whether or not they are saved?

16:25 – What are some tips for Catholics who are concerned about doing wrong?

32:05 – What is your take on protesting on blasphemous images of Jesus Christ?

41:45 – Can I attend a SSPX Mass with my family?

44:55 – I have heard that Jesus had a blood brother who was not part of the faith until Jesus died and rose again. That was why he chose Peter. What is your stance on this?

49:50 – If one is experiencing temporal punishment because he committed a mortal sin, can the punishment be used as redemptive healing for someone else?

Resources Mentioned:

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Did Jesus say the Second Coming would happen in the first century?

second comingIn this episode of Catholic Answers Live (April 20, 2017, 2nd hour), Jimmy answers the following questions:

2:22 Did Jesus falsely prophesy that he would return before the destruction of the temple in A.D. 70?

13:39 Did some of the disciples initially think Jesus was a ghost after his resurrection?

17:50 What is “hermeneutics”? How to respond to the “All have sinned” passage in Romans with respect to the Immaculate Conception of Mary?

28:50 How should we evaluate Buddhism in relation to the Christian Faith?

38:50 How to deal with a problematic family situation that may even be dangerous?

47:23 Did the Council of Nicaea invent the divinity of Christ? Did it arbitrarily select books of the Bible? What was Constantine’s role in it? Was he a sincere Christian? How to know the truth about all this?

53:39 Catholic Answers MORE begins

In this episode of Catholic Answers More (April 20, 2017), Cy and Jimmy discuss:

* Beards!
* The origin of “Rindercella”
* Spoonerisms and other eech sperrors
* Hee-Haw comedian Archie Campbell
* Why the Church accepted 1 and 2 Maccabees into the canon but not 3 and 4 Maccabees
* Easter foods
* Why eggs are associated with Easter

Special appearance by Nick Chamberlain!

Archie Campbell does “Rindercella”:

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The Last Days of Jesus

lenten-2In this episode of Catholic Answers Live (April 14, 2017, 1st hour), Jimmy answers the following questions:

1:10 What was happening at the Triumphal Entry?

4:50 What is happening with the mysterious incident where the disciples get the animal for Jesus to ride?

8:30 When was the cleansing of the Temple?

9:50 What is a “Markan sandwich”?

10:40 Why did Jesus curse the fig tree?

12:00 Why is Jesus angry in the temple? Why did he cleanse it?

13:55 Why does John have the cleansing of the temple at a whole different point in Jesus’ ministry?

15:00 How did Jesus’ opponents challenge him and try to get him in trouble with the authorities?

19:00 How did Jesus respond to the challenge of the Sadducees?

21:50 How did Jesus use one of the same techniques that modern apologists use?

22:55 What are we missing about the story of the widow’s mite?

24:55 What does Jesus teach in his prophetic discourse?

27:35 Who anoints Jesus and why is he anointed?

28:50 Why are the identities of some people kept secret in the Synoptic Gospels but then revealed in John’s Gospel?

30:05 How do we explain the mysterious way Jesus arranges a place to celebrate the Last Supper? How did Jesus secretly thwart what Judas might have done?

32:40 Where is the garden of Gethsemane? How do we know what Jesus prayed there if the disciples fell asleep?

34:10 Why is the identity of the disciple who used a sword kept secret–until John’s Gospel?

35:25 What’s happening with the young man who runs away naked in Mark’s Gospel? If it’s not Mark himself, who might that be?

37:15 Was Jesus’ trial legal? Why did the Jerusalem authorities have to take him to Pontius Pilate?

39:15 Why is Jesus said to rise “on the third day” when it was only two days later? Could he have been crucified earlier than Good Friday?

41:15 How do we reconcile the different descriptions of the angels at the tomb? What about the women?

44:10 Did Jesus bodily rise from the dead?

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Mysteries of Holy Week and Easter

Holy weekIn this episode of Catholic Answers Live (April 10, 2017, 1st hour), Jimmy answers the following questions:

2:50 Why don’t Christians all celebrate Easter on the same day?

8:20 How is Easter related to Passover?

10:44 What date was Jesus crucified?

16:10 Why are the days of Holy Week given the names they are? (e.g., Palm Sunday, Passion Sunday, Spy Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday)

21:22 Where does the word “Easter” come from? Is Easter pagan?

27:30 How do we know what Jesus prayed when he was alone in the garden of Gethsemane?

30:15 Where was Jesus held after he was arrested?

32:30 Why do we have an “interactive” reading of the Gospel in holy week?

34:50 What does “A.D.” mean? Is it “After Death”? Also, what’s the deal with “C.E.” and “B.C.E.”?

41:40 Do the Gospels contradict each other on when Jesus was crucified with respect to Passover?

49:40 Did Jesus and the apostles celebrate Passover on Wednesday? Do we need to propose that to allow time for all the events that happened after Jesus was arrested?

51:50 If Jesus “descended into hell,” how would he tell the good thief that he would be with him that day in paradise?

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Did God “Pour out His Wrath” on Jesus? And More!

crucifixionIn this episode of Catholic Answers Live (April 6, 2017, 2nd hour), Jimmy answers the following questions:

01:28 How did people understand the term “church” at the time of Jesus? Was there a pre-Christian use of this term?

05:23 Are people in purgatory aware they are in purgatory? Could they be released only when they acknowledge that their sins deserve hell but God is being gracious to them?

08:09 How culpable is a person who sins after having been poorly counselled by a priest?

11:10 Are there equivalents to high mass, low mass, etc., in the ordinary form of Mass?

17:58 Were there female deacons and bishops in the early Church?

27:45 How to respond to the claim that, in the Atonement, the Father “poured out his wrath” on Jesus?

32:35 Is there historical evidence that the early Church had a papacy?

38:30 What does the Greek mean when Jesus says he is the Son “of Man”? Should it be translated the Son “of God made Man/flesh”?

41:30 Can we be affected by the sins of our ancestors and by curses people speak against us?

44:45 Does the Old Testament promote slavery?

48:20 Does the Church teach that the Gospels were written by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John?

50:35 Does the Church have a teaching on the meaning of death in Genesis? Does it refer to “spiritual death”?

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How to explain the loss of salvation–and more!

In this episode of Catholic Answers Live (March 30, 2017, 1st hour), Jimmy answers the following questions:

00:12 What “polymath” and “autodidact” mean

03:35 How to respond to the claim that Peter isn’t the rock in Matt. 16.18 because Paul says no one can lay a foundation other than Christ

06:35 How to reconcile free will with John’s 6.44’s statement that no one can come to Jesus unless the Father draws him

14:48 If a Catholic marries an unbaptized person, is the marriage valid?

17:30 If we’re supposed to bury cremated remains, why are saints’ relics put on display?

22:10 If one can use contraception to control hormones, why can’t you use them for contraceptive purposes?

28:15 How to explain to Protestants that at Christian can lose salvation

35:55 How does the Catholic Church explain the veneration of saints who were not in communion with the Church when they died?

42:25 How to evangelize someone who is ambivalent toward God and says they’re totally happy

46:30 How to defend the use of gendered pronouns to someone who is not Christian

51:40 How to dispose of remains after a miscarriage

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Also, don’t miss our new mini-show, Catholic Answers MORE!

In this episode of Catholic Answers More (March 30, 2017), Cy and Jimmy do a relaxed, pre-show in which they:

* Explain what Catholic Answers More is

* Say hello to people watching and commenting

* Talk about heresies and which is Jimmy’s “favorite”

* Who Marcion was

* Why Pope Benedict resigned

* Whether the pope gets to order whatever kind of food he wants

* What kind of secular authority the pope has (can he order a Catholic president to do something?)

* What was the name of the Animaniacs’ pet fish?

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