Does the Second Coming Mean We’ll Never Have Space Colonies? (And More!)

by Jimmy Akin

in Apologetics, Podcasts, Radio Shows

space colonyIn this episode of Catholic Answers Live (March 8, 2018, both hours), Jimmy answers the following questions:
00:07 What are the Orthodox objections to the Filioque (“and the Son”) clause in the Creed, and what are reasonable responses?
09:52 What is the history of sacrificing animals to God?
17:14 Were the Great Flood and other Bible stories ripped off from the Sumerians?
28:47 What should one make of Fr. Raymond Brown and the Jerome Biblical Commentary?
34:58 Are all our future sins forgiven? How to answer this claim?
44:51 What is the status of the Johannine Comma? Is it inspired and part of the Bible?
51:51 What are some recent philosophers that we can learn from the same way that Aquinas learned from Aristotle?
1:02:14 Does Jesus returning to earth for the Second Coming mean that mankind will never establish colonies on other planets?
1:09:50 How to disagree with the pope without making it seem we’re anti-pope or “popier-than-the-pope”?
1:20:48 Could the Internet cloud be the Beast and our smart devices be the mark of the Beast?
1:29:53 If Mary was conceived without original sin, why did she die? Would Jesus have been spared a natural death if he hadn’t been crucified?
1:34:54 Does everything that occurs in our lives have a special divine purpose or do some things not have a special purpose?
1:39:34 What is the difference between development of doctrine and changing doctrine? Can doctrine ever change and become the opposite?
1:46:58 Did God instruct Abraham to perform an intrinsically evil act with the sacrifice of Isaac? How does this relate to God’s goodness?

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