The Church Year: Jan. 29, 2012

by Jimmy Akin

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Today is the 4th Sunday of Ordinary Time. The liturgical color is green.

In the Extraordinary Form, this is the season after Epiphany.

In the Extraordinary Form, it is the 4th Sunday after Epiphany.


Saints & Celebrations:

On January 29, there is no special fixed liturgical day in the Ordinary Form.

In the Extraordinary Form, we celebrate St. Francis de Sales, bishop of Geneva, confessor and doctor of the Church, who died in A.D. 1622. It is a Class III day.

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Devotional Information:

According to the Holy See’s Directory on Popular Piety:

39. In conformity with the dispositions of the Council, synods were held in many of the ecclesiatical provinces. These often demonstarted a concern to bring the faithful to an active participation in the celebration of the divine mysteries. Simultaneously, the Roman Pontiffs began a vast programme of liturgical reform. The Roman Calendar and the liturgical books of the Roman Rite were revised in the relatively short space of time between 1568 and 1614. In 1588 the Sacred Congregation of Rites was established to promote and correctly order the liturgical celebrations of the Roman Church. The Catechismus ad Parochosfulfilled the provision of pastoral and liturgical formation.

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