Mass Appeal: The ABC’s of Worship – NEW – Revised For The New Mass Translation

by Jimmy Akin

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At last! A concise, informative explanation of the Mass in just 32 pages. Revised For The New Mass Translation

In the new booklet from Catholic Answers, Mass Appeal: the ABC’s of Worship, Jimmy masterfully walks you through the Mass from beginning to end, explaining precisely what is happening and — more importantly — why. In the end you’ll see — perhaps for the first time — precisely how all the pieces of the Mass fit together to create a single, coherent whole.

“Jimmy Akin’s Mass Appeal demonstrates a two-fold love — a love of the Mass and a love of the newcomer to it. This booklet explains the liturgy in a clear, step-by-step manner. The author explores the Mass through the eyes of one drawn to help others participate more fully in the worship of God.” –Fr. Mitchell Pacwa, S.J., Eternal World Television Network

Perfect for RCIA and CCD classes and parish pamphlet racks. Call for volume discounts.


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