Just 2 Days Left! (I Can Still Save You $100 Or More!)

by Jimmy Akin

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Eurodam-sm Here's the deal: Catholic Answers is currently planning it cruise for May 11-21 of next year.

It's going to go all kinds of interesting places: Italy, Spain, Portugal, etc. There will be a pre-event in Rome, and the trip itself will feature a visit to Fatima.

Now the money part: If you register for the cruise by October 28, I can save you $100 per person. (So if you take two people, I can save you $200; three people, $300; etc.)

Just put the super-secret code “Jimmy” in the “Special Request and Notes” section of your online application.

This exciting, faith-building experience would be a nice Christmas gift for you and your spouse, others in your family, or just yourself!

But remember, there's a time limit on this one, so register by October 28th so I can get you the discount!

More info here: www.CatholicAnswersCruise.com

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