The Sources of Theology


The Gospel & Justification

The Thought of Paul

The Sacraments

Mary, the Saints, & Angels

  • The Key to Understanding Mary
  • Mary’s Virginity & the Talmud
  • Jerome’s Against Helividius
  • What is a Saint?
  • Praying to the Saints
  • Was St. Patrick Catholic?

Churches, Sects, & Dissidents

  • A Tiptoe Through TULIP
  • Can Catholics Be Masons? (Vatican doc.)
  • McBrien’s ‘Catholicism’ (Bishops’ doc.)
  • Holy See’s New Regulations on Theologial Dissent
  • The Jesus Seminar
  • Introduction to the Lefebvrist schism
  • John Paul II on the SSPX (papal doc.)
  • Decree of excommunication of Marcel Lefebvre (church doc.)
  • What Lefebvre signed (church doc.)

Bible History

  • The Court of God
  • The God of Israel
  • The Religion of Israel
  • The Genealogies of Christ

Being & Becoming Catholic

  • My Conversion Story
  • How to Become a Catholic
  • Why Be Catholic: An Exercise for Evangelicals


  • How to Choose a Bible Version
  • Defending the Deuterocanonicals
  • The OT Canon (Fathers)
  • Deuterocanonical References in the New Testament
  • Divino Afflante Spiritu (Papal doc.)
  • Bad Translations in the King James Version
  • Translations Before the King James: The KJV Translators Speak!


  • The Papacy

Salvation in Theory & Practice

  • Salvation Past, Present & Future
  • Temporal and Eternal Salvation
  • Justification in Catholic Theology
  • Justification in James 2
  • Righteousness & Merit

Grace, Free Will, & Predestination

  • A Tiptoe Through TULIP
  • Resisting & Cooperating With God
  • The Loss of Salvation (Debate)
  • The Unforgivable Sin

The Book of Revelation

  • The Structure of Revelation
  • The Flow of Time in Revelation
  • Hunt-ing the Whore of Babylon

Christian Worship

  • Is there a “New Mass”? (papal doc.)
  • Why Was the Mass Changed? (papal doc.)
  • Liturgical Abuses: The Church Speaks (church doc.)
  • Ash Wednesday (FAQ)
  • Lent (FAQ)
  • The Stations of the Cross
  • Some Aspects of Christian Meditiation (church doc.)
  • “Inclusive Language” Update
  • Holy See’s Translation Norms Regarding Gender Revisionism
  • Instruction on Collaboration between Laity and Priesthood (Church doc.)

Talking with Anti-Catholics

  • How to Explain Purgatory to Protestants
  • The Numbering of the Ten Commandments
  • Doing Penance
  • Myths About Indulgences
  • A Primer on Indulgences
  • “Doctrines of Demons”?
  • Top 10 Questions Fundamentalists Find Most Annoying
  • How to Dismiss Any Catholic Argument
  • We Remember: A Reflection on the Shoah (Vatican document on the Jewish Holocaust)


  • Recommended Reading
  • Dialogue with Cyril
  • The Vatican Movie Guide
  • Evolution: What the pope said
  • Message on Evolution to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences (papal doc.)
  • Sexual Sins
  • Guidance to Confessors on Sexual Issues (Vatican doc.)

Find Verses About:

  • God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
  • Creation, Fall, and Redemption
  • Scripture, Tradition, and the Magisterium
  • The Church
  • Sin and salvation
  • The sacraments
  • Faith, hope, and charity
  • Family values
  • Prayer
  • Mary and the saints
  • Angels and devils
  • The last things


  • The Nazareth Master Catechism
  • Catechetical Instructions of St. Thomas Aquinas
  • Catechism of the Council of Trent
  • An Explanation of the Baltimore Catechism
  • Catechism of Pius X


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