Current Class

Here are the moves we’ve been working on (most recent first):


PROGRAM: PLUS–see how much you already know!

Load the Boat (ends: Pass Thru + walk to the other end of the set + make a normal couple; centers: Pass Thru + face out +make the loop of a D + Pass Thru)

Ping Pong Circulate (don’t forget to face in if you find yourself facing out of the set)

Teacup Chain

Acey Deucey (centers Trade + ends Circulate)



Recycle (Girls U Turn Back + everyone Wheel & Deal)

Dixie Style to an Ocean Wave (Girls do a Right Hand Pull-By then Left Touch 1/4 with the Boys)

1/2 Tag (Face the Center of your line + Centers Pass Thru + Step to a Wave)

Tag the Line (Face the Center of your line + Double Pass Thru)

Spin Chain Thru (it’s a Trade + Cast Off 3/4 + Trade + Cast Off 3/4, or Trade + Cast + Trade + Cast; they ought to call it a “Double Trade Cast,” but they don’t)

Tag the Line (face the center of your line of four and do a Double Pass Thru)

Cross Fold (named dancers cross the center line of the set and do a Fold)

Fold (named dancers fold in front of or behind the others)

Scoot Back (everyone scoot forward, turn around, and come back into your partner’s place; it’s the same as a Trade; if you’re facing in, do an arm turn, usually a Right arm turn)

Walk & Dodge (usually Boys Walk, Girls Dodge to your right, without turning around!)

Single Hinge (using the hands you have touching, pivot 90 degrees/one wall/one quarter–as individuals)

Couples Hinge (same as Single Hinge but done as couples)

Spin the Top (Trade by the right + Centers Cast Off 3/4 + Others move up to same person you started with)

Cast Off 3/4

Centers In

Pass to the Center (Pass Thru + if you’re facing out do a Partner Trade; similar to a no hands Dive Thru)

8 Chain Thru

Turn Thru (right arm turn, you end up back to back)


Slide Thru (no hands Star Thru)



Ferris Wheel (“It’s the big one”)

Wheel & Deal (from two-faced lines; “It’s the Little One”; use center handhold to wheel to face the other couple in your two-faced line)

Touch 1/4 (Step forward, touch hands, and turn 1/4 using your hand as a pivot)

Trade By (centers Pass Thru while ends Partner Trade)

Sweep a Quarter (keep moving 1/4 or 90 deg or 1 wall in the direction of your body flow)

Zoom (centers change places with the people behind them)

First Couple Go Left/Next Couple Go Right (wheel away from the center of the set to make lines)

Double Pass Thru (pass two people)

Extend (step forward and, if you meet someone, Step to a Wave)

Cross Run (named dancers cross the center of the set and do a Run)

Wheel & Deal (from Lines Facing Out; wheel toward the center, right hand couple wheels in first)

Flutterwheel (Sadie Hawkins Day; girls go get the guy and he escorts her back)

Reverse Flutterwheel (Alley Oop; guys go get the girl and she escorts him back)

Pass the Ocean (Pass Thru, face your partner, and Step to a Wave)

Balance (kill four beats of music)

Alamande Left in the Alamo Style (ends with the girls facing out)

Run (walk forward in a semi-circle into the spot of the directed dancer, who slides over without turning around)

Swing Thru (if you can, Trade by the right, and then, if you can, Trade by the left)

Step to a Wave (step forward, slightly to the left, and touch hands)

Wheel Around (turn around using the handhold between you and your partner as a pivot; here it is from the Promenade position)

Shoot the Star (used in a Thar Star; trade with the person next to you so that centers become outsides and outsides become centers)

Trade (boys, girls, couples; walk forward into the position of those who you are trading with)

Box the Gnat (don’t grab on tight!)

Allemande Left to an Allemande Thar (“go forward two, boys swing in”)

Slip the Clutch (everybody lets go of everybody)



Dive Thru (don’t forget the automatic California Twirl if you end up facing out!)

Split Two (the outsides slide apart and then back together like those doors at the supermarket, while the directed dancers walk between them)

Separate (this just means turn your back on your partner; it often comes after a Pass thru and you are then likely to be asked to walk around 1 or 2 dancers and make a line)

Chain Down the Line (girls trade, boys courtesy turn)

Square Thru (like Right and Left Grand, but done inside the square)

Circle to a Line (done after Lead Right, then we circle left to make lines)

Grand Square (end up at home, whatever you do!)

Star Thru (turns you and the person you are facing into a normal couple)

California Twirl (turns a couple around to face the other direction)

Wrong Way Right and Left Grand (same as a Right and Left Grand, but done facing the other direction)

Bend the Line (turn to face the other couple in your line)

Circulate (walk forward into the spot of the next boy, girl, or couple)

Veer Left (everyone moves left and steps slightly forward; usually, the girls touch hands in the middle)

Lead Right (stand in front of the couple on your right)

Right Arm Turn (like an Allemande Left, but with the right arm)

Rollaway (ladies roll in front of the boys, going with their body flow; usually they roll to the left while we’re circling left)

See Saw (the opposite of Walk Around Your Corner; See Saw is only used after Walk Around Your Corner; pass left shoulders with partner and come back to corner)

Walk Around Your Corner (pass right shoulders with corner, maintain eye contact if you wish [no back-to-back], come back to partner)

Weave the Ring (a no-hands Right and Left Grand; use your shoulders)

Courtesy Turn (turns a couple around to face the other direction)

Ladies Chain (if four ladies are chaining, they make a right hand star and go half way, then a Courtesy Turn with the opposite guy; if two ladies are chaining, they do a right-hand pull-by and a Courtesy Turn with the opposite guy)

Right and Left Thru (right hand pull-by and a Courtesy Turn)

Pass Thru (walk past each other, passing right shoulders)

Star Promenade (do a star and a promenade at the same time!)

Swing (turns you and the person you are facing into a normal couple)

Backtrack (girls or boys step out of the set, turn around to face the other direction, and walk in that direction until told what to do; NOTE: Taminations doesn’t have quite the animation I need, but this one is the closest; it shows Girls Backtrack from a Couples Promenade instead of a Single File Promenade)

U Turn Back (turn around to face the other direction as an individual dancer)

Ladies In, Men Sashay (ladies go in and come back out; while they’re doing that, men move one slot around the ring, behind them; usually, the men move one slot to the left as we’re circling to the left)

Half Sashay (two dancers facing in the same direction change places; the one on the right goes in front of the other; the one on the left goes behind the other)

Right and Left Grand (a series of handshakes, using right hand, then left hand, then right hand, then left hand; you end up by meeting your partner)

Right (Left) Hand Star (named dancers put their right or left hands together and then walk in the direction they are facing)

Allemande Left (a left arm turn with the corner; ends facing partner)

Dosado (go back-to-back with the person you are facing)

Forward & Back (named dancers go forward and then back)

Promenade (done as individuals or as couples; normally done counter-clockwise [i.e., facing right]; promenade just means “walk”)

Circle Left & Circle Right (named dancers walk left or right, holding hands in a circle)