Did God “Pour out His Wrath” on Jesus? And More!

by Jimmy Akin

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crucifixionIn this episode of Catholic Answers Live (April 6, 2017, 2nd hour), Jimmy answers the following questions:

01:28 How did people understand the term “church” at the time of Jesus? Was there a pre-Christian use of this term?

05:23 Are people in purgatory aware they are in purgatory? Could they be released only when they acknowledge that their sins deserve hell but God is being gracious to them?

08:09 How culpable is a person who sins after having been poorly counselled by a priest?

11:10 Are there equivalents to high mass, low mass, etc., in the ordinary form of Mass?

17:58 Were there female deacons and bishops in the early Church?

27:45 How to respond to the claim that, in the Atonement, the Father “poured out his wrath” on Jesus?

32:35 Is there historical evidence that the early Church had a papacy?

38:30 What does the Greek mean when Jesus says he is the Son “of Man”? Should it be translated the Son “of God made Man/flesh”?

41:30 Can we be affected by the sins of our ancestors and by curses people speak against us?

44:45 Does the Old Testament promote slavery?

48:20 Does the Church teach that the Gospels were written by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John?

50:35 Does the Church have a teaching on the meaning of death in Genesis? Does it refer to “spiritual death”?

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