How Can Mary Hear So Many Prayers at Once? And More!

by Jimmy Akin

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CatholicAnswersLogoIn this episode of Catholic Answers Live (1/8/15), Jimmy answers the following questions:

  • Can you reconcile Natural Family Planning with Leviticus 18 about intimacy and the times and restrictions on intimacy?
  • Is it okay to listen to protestant preachers and go to their church to listen to them preach?
  • Why does the Catholic Church not refer to marriage as Holy Matrimony?
  • About purgatory, my friend is planning to leave the Catholic Church and purgatory is an issue for her. How can I help her understand that purgatory is biblical and a reasonable belief?
  • How can you explain how Mary can hear and answer so many prayers all at the same time? Does it have to do with God being infinite and Mary being outside of time with God?
  • About confession and the frequency: I have had priests discourage me from coming to the sacrament, and they say “That is not a sin” and I feel discouraged. What do you suggest?
  • About Mary being at the foot of the cross. I have heard some priests say that she was not at the foot of cross and I thought the Bible says that she is. Why would a priest say that she was not?
  • About the star of Bethlehem and the documentary “Bethlehem Star”, can Jimmy comment on how accurate is the film?
  • The book of Sirach: is that in the KJV? Is it in another book in the KJV that I can refer to my friend?

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Kenneth Heck January 25, 2015 at 8:09 am

The simplest explanation for the Star of Bethlehem that takes into account all the biblical facts is that it was a subjective vision seen only by the Magi. The wonderful aspect is that several Magi (not necessarily in the same place) saw the same vision and were brought together by it to travel to Judea.

The Magi were probably star-gazers who were given visions, a more ancient practice than astrology in the modern sense (casting horoscopes, etc.). The bible does connect angels with stars in Rev 1:20. They were probably of the Zoroastrian religion which believed in a savior called the saoshyant, and were led to associate him with Christ due to their vision.

Anna Catherine Emmerich has some interesting things to say about the Magi and the Star of Bethlehem in her descriptions of her visions.

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