What did Jesus mean when he said not to judge others? (and more!)

by Jimmy Akin

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CatholicAnswersLogoIn this episode of Catholic Answers Live (12/23/14), Jimmy answers the following questions:

  • What did Jesus mean when he said not to judge others?
  • Can divorced and civilly remarried people receive Communion?
  • Is it true that “Once a deacon, always a deacon”?
  • How to argue for the intercession of the saints?
  • What does “the fear of the Lord” mean?
  • Why are Catholic obliged to believe what the Church teaches?
  • How to help a neo-pagan son?
  • Can deacons a dispensation to get married?
  • If Jesus is omnipresent, why is his presence in the Eucharist important?
  • Was Jesus in his incarnation created?

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Maurice .O.Omollo December 29, 2014 at 7:20 am

Hi Jimmy and Merry Christmas!!!
i.)None of us men is perfect and we leran that those who leave in the seventh sense of intelligence/the grace zone/God’s presence are full of only positive emotions / energy and thus have got no time in negativity which translates to judging others.
Whenever we are focused to negativity,the law of attraction states that it will always emerge since our minds would have been inclined to it and maybe this is why most of the prophets were repremanded to eat God’s word,meditate it day and night to enable it create concentration in their lives,thus leading to transformation.(Joshua1.3-10)
ii.)About the divorced and civilly remaried people to receive communion-What may matter here for me is the state of their living(faithfulness) since just as the holly father always puts it,”Who are we to judge” but whet we must observe keenly is that sacraments are once ministered,becomes difficult to revoke and thus,those who break their marriage vows which is always with God himself should not be quick to jump into other marriages.
I think most of the cases marriages break are due to our own fixed mind sets,we always want to control our lives at all costs and even manipulating others without caring that they are different personalities and can never always be like us.It is the problem with SELF which took Christ to the cross to conquer and I believe even us through Christ’s grace / the grace of the risen Lord,we can overcome this self / ego aspect of our lives.It cannot be possible in the human flesh but only through the power of the holy spirit.
iii.)Intercession of Saints-This is real and I have experienced it severally in my life.I think most of these Church’s dogmas / teachings were inspired through revelatins and can never be taken for granted.
iv.)Once a deacon,always a deacon..-I think the sacraments of the Church are administered once and for all,thus no revocation of the sacrament.
v.)The fear of the could mean living as a true witness of Christ’s teaching.For one to have this spirit,he must be first filled or inspired by the spirit of the Lord to enable you witness.i.e Jesus witnessing,”The spirit of the Lord is upon me…….”
vi.)The Catholics are obliged to believe what the Church teaches simply because,the Church itself is an institution which was instituted by Jesus Himself and thus it can never go wrong because it is led and inspired by the spirit of the Lord.
vii.)I do not think if it is true that Jesus in his incarnation was created.Going by the angels message to the Virgin Mary,”The Holy spirit will come upon you and you will conceive through the power of the Holy spirit..”This in itself is a complete contrary to human thinking,whereby the impossiblity is made possible,thus a clear indication that He was not created,but just as Saint John states it,the word became flesh and through it,all things came into being-this was a fulfilment of these scripture.
viii.)Revisting the last super and the Exodus stories,we may argue that it was the Jews and most of Africans traditions that through sharing in meals,we acquire unity in spirit,body and soul.And thus Christ’s presence in the Eucharist is a fulfilment of his salvation mission to mankind.
This is so since we can note that most cases,it is not easy for us to reconcile our ego,thinking,etc with others,thus always leading to various perception of facts due to our varied worlds of thinking.Remember the spies Joshua sent with Caleb to spy the promised land with all the eleven giving scaring information apart from only Caleb.
This could be due to our different cultures and family backgrounds which contributes alot to our thinking and opinion on things.

God’s blessings and Love.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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