What’s the History on Papal Resignations?

by jimmyakin

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Pope Benedict has announced his resignation from the papacy. What popes have done this before, and how has it changed the Church?

In the wake of Pope Benedict’s announcement that he is resigning from the papacy, I thought I would speak with the historian Dr. Andrew Jones about the history of papal resignations.

While it hasn’t happened often in history, there have been popes who have resigned before, and their resignations (technically, their renunciations of the papacy) have left a lasting impact on Church history.

There are also some fascinating cases where we aren’t quite sure what happened.

In this episode of the Jimmy Akin Podcast, Dr. Jones and I begin to go through the cases, explaining what happened, what we know, and what impact the papal resignations have had.

First of two parts.

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Cebollita February 18, 2013 at 6:21 pm

Dear Jimmy, I thank you for the informative post and links but as the time draws near I am feeling more lonely and sad. I cried in the first days of our beloved Holy Father’s announcement but now, I feel it more and am uncertain and lacking faith. It feels like my father is leaving all over again. I had these very same feelings when my father died almost three years ago. Please pray for me and I will pray for you and everyone here who visits your site. 
Lord Jesus, forget not your people. Protect your faithful servant, Pope Benedict XVI from all harm. Stay close to him dear Lord. Amen.

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