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Would you like to express your love and gratitude to Pope Benedict for his service to the Church? Here is a way you can do it.

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MrsBrown February 13, 2013 at 9:06 pm

Dearest Holy Father,
Our family expresses our gratitude for your service to the world. I was at home that day l, living in rural Oklahoma, with the television constantly on, awaiting the white smoke. When you walked out as our “Papa Ratzi” I wept for joy. It was a blessing to be alive and become a mother during your pontificate. The tools you used to bring the New Evangelzation are awakening so many families to the calling to be closer to Our Dear Lord and Our Lady. Your time as the Bishop of Rome is one I will remember all my life- graduating from a “Kindergarten Catholic” into a person who pursues The Lord. Thank you for helping me do that. I keep you in my prayers and have been praying specifically for your intentions since the inception this of beautiful year of faith last fall. I know the Holy Spirit guides you. May God bless you and keep you full of the joy you brought to us. Thank you.
All our love, The Brown Family of Texas


Stephanie in Virginia February 15, 2013 at 7:16 pm

Your Holiness, when I heard the news of your resignation, I immediately realized the Holy Spirit surely guided you in making this difficult decision. I prayed that you would be elected in 2005, and when you appeared on the balcony above Saint Peter’s Square just after your election, I was thrilled! Not only have you continued Pope John Paul II’s good work, but your own initiatives have had a major positive impact. I’m especially grateful for the new translation of the Roman Missal and the more dignified Mass it has produced, and for the appointment of many faithful and courageous new bishops. The Catholic Church here in the USA has significantly improved over the past several years, thanks to John Paul’s and your leadership. Your declaration of the Year of Faith has inspired me to read a portion of the Catechism daily and more actively  share my faith with others. I greatly enjoyed reading your memoirs, Milestones. Please know that faithful Catholics and people of good will throughout the world are grateful beyond words for everything you have done – and for the person that you are. May God continue to use your gifts to assist your successor and other Church leaders. We still need you, Pope Benedict, and we love you so much! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your love of Christ and His Church, and everything you have given to Him, to the Church, and to the world! In Christ our Hope, Stephanie in Virginia USA


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