Will we have free will in heaven?

by jimmyakin

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Will we have free will in heaven?

Will we have free will in heaven?

If so, does that mean we might sin and fall again?

If not, what kind of free will would we have there?

And if God can harmonize our free will and sinlessness in heaven, why doesn’t he do so in this life?

Here are some thoughts . . .


A Robot “Loves” Me. Big Deal.

NOTE: This is part of a series on the problem of evil. Click here to read the previous posts in the series.

In a previous post, we looked at a common answer to the problem of evil–that God allows sin and the suffering it causes to exist because the only way to eliminate them would be to eliminate free will.

Without free will, according to this view, something important would be lost.

If we didn’t freely choose good–to freely love God and love our fellow human beings–then these actions would lose something very important.

It would be like being “loved” by a robot–a being programmed to do nothing else.


The Love of the Saints

What about the saints in heaven? They don’t sin. Does that make their love less valuable?


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