The Weekly Benedict: 6 January, 2013

by jeffmiller

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This version of The Weekly Benedict covers material released in the last week from 16 December 2012 – 6 January 2013  (subscribe hereget as an eBook version for your Kindle, iPod, iPad, Nook, or other eBook reader):

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What family Christmas tradition from your childhood do you still remember?@pontifex, 24 December 2012
The cribs that we built in our home gave me much pleasure. We added figures each year and used moss for decoration.@pontifex, 24 December 2012
May Our Lord bless you and watch over you in the new year.@pontifex, 1 January 2013
When we entrust ourselves to the Lord completely, everything changes. We are children of a Father who loves us, and never leaves us.@pontifex, 2 January 2013
he Wise Men followed the star and reached Jesus, the great light that illuminates all of humanity.@pontifex, 6 January 2013

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Leo Leo January 6, 2013 at 12:39 pm

From 1 Jan Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God and 46th World Day of Peace Day Homily
<b>”Although the world is sadly marked by “hotbeds of tension and conflict caused by
growing instances of inequality between rich and poor,
by the prevalence of a selfish and individualistic mindset
which also finds expression in
an unregulated financial capitalism,” </b>
as well as by various forms of terrorism and crime …
… the desire for peace corresponds to a fundamental moral principle, namely, the duty and right to an integral social and communitarian development, which is part of God’s plan for mankind. …
… It is peace with God through a life lived according to his will. It is interior peace with oneself, and exterior peace with our neighbours and all creation …
… peace is the supreme good to ask as a gift from God and, at the same time, that which is to be built with our every effort.”

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