One of the Most Beautiful Stories I Know . . .

by Jimmy Akin

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St. John: Apostle of Love

There are many gems in the writings of the Church Fathers. Some are valuable because of their insight into faith, others are valuable because they fill in things not mentioned in the Bible, and some are valuable because of their spiritual beauty.

Here is one about the Apostle John, who is sometimes called the Apostle of Love. This story alone would earn him that nickname.

It records an incident late in his life, and it is found in the writings of Clement of Alexandria, who wrote only a hundred years afterward and who obtained it from earlier sources.

It may well be true, but whatever degree of historical reliability it has, it touches on powerful human emotions, and it is undeniably beautiful.

The following account is taken from section 42 of Clement of Alexandria‘s work Who Is the Rich Man That Shall Be Saved? It begins with John helping a young man out by entrusting his care to a bishop in Asia Minor. . . .


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