The Church Year: Apr. 26, 2012

by Jimmy Akin

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Today is Thursday of the 3rd week of Easter. The liturgical color is white.

In the Extraordinary Form, the liturgical color for today is red.


Saints & Celebrations:

On April 26, there is no special fixed liturgical day in the Ordinary Form.

In the Extraordinary Form, we celebrate St.s Cletus and Marcellinus, popes and martyrs, who died in A.D. 91 and 304. It is a Class III day.

If you’d like to learn more about St.s Cletus and Marcellinus, you can click here.

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To see today’s readings in the Ordinary Form, you can click here.

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Devotional Information:

According to the Holy See’s Letter on Some Aspects of Christian Meditation:

4. The Bible itself teaches how the man who welcomes biblical revelation should pray. In the Old Testament there is a marvelous collection of prayers which have continued to live through the centuries, even within the Church of Jesus Christ, where they have become the basis of its official prayer: The Book of Praises or of Psalms.2 Prayers similar to the Psalms may also be found in earlier Old Testament texts or re-echoed in later ones.3 The prayers of the book of Psalms tell in the first place of God’s great works on behalf of the Chosen People. Israel meditates, contemplates and makes the marvels of God present again, recalling them in prayer.

In biblical revelation Israel came to acknowledge and praise God present in all creation and in the destiny of every man. Thus He is invoked, for example, as rescuer in time of danger, in sickness, in persecution, in tribulation. Finally, and always in the light of his salvific works, He is exalted in his divine power and goodness, in his justice and mercy, in his royal grandeur.

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