The Church Year: Apr. 16, 2012

by Jimmy Akin

in +Religion, Liturgical Year

Today is Monday of the 2nd week of Easter. The liturgical color is white.


Saints & Celebrations:

On April 16, there is no special fixed liturgical day in the Ordinary Form.

There is no special fixed liturgical day in the Extraordinary Form.

For information about other saints, blesseds, and feasts celebrated today, you can click here.



To see today’s readings in the Ordinary Form, you can click here.

Or you can click play to listen to them:


Devotional Information:

According to the Holy See’s Directory on Popular Piety:

86. On this priestly basis, popular piety assists the faithful in persevering in prayer and in praising God the Father, in witnessing to Christ (cf. Acts 2, 42-47), and in sustaining their vigilance until He comes again in glory. It also justifies our hope, in the Holy Spirit, of life eternal (cf. 1 Pet 3, 15) and conserves important aspects of a specific [ritual] context, and, in different ways and in varying degrees, expresses those ecclesial values which arise and develop within the mystical Body of Christ.

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