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by Jimmy Akin

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Welcome to, the new home of!

For some time I’ve been working on this upgrade of my site, and–in fact–I’m still putting some of the final pieces in place, but I am at a point where it makes sense to publicly launch it. Think of this as the shakedown cruise phase, before the grand opening (if I may mix metaphors).

I hope you like the new site! It contains all the back content from my blog, (although I still have to get the most recent comments imported). When finished,it will have all the content of my former web site, (the original, 1990s version of, which you can still reach by clicking here.

I’m also planning on adding new functionality, which the new, WordPress environment will allow me to do in a way that my former, TypePad site would not.

Thanks to all who have suggested moving to WordPress. I’m glad that I have, and I see lots of potential with WordPress.

BTW, if you haven’t yet joined, let me give a plug for the Secret Information Club. The form to join with is in the right hand margin, or you can go to

Your pal,

–Jimmy Akin

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bondwine January 14, 2012 at 7:45 pm

Beautiful job on the redesign, Jimmy! I’m very impressed with WordPress all round.

Going to change my bookmarks now.

The_Pachyderminator January 14, 2012 at 7:55 pm

Fascinating. I like the new design better than the old TypePad one, especially the single side column allowing more space for the blog entries. I’m sure you’re already finding that WordPress has all kinds of advantages, not least of which is that it’s free. The danger with WordPress is that people add all kinds of plugins and widgets they don’t really need that slow the blog down. As long as you avoid that pitfall, you’ll be fine.

It seems you need a Lifefyre account to post comments (I created one just to post this). Is that inadvertent, or an intentional measure to prevent spam?

The_Pachyderminator January 14, 2012 at 8:22 pm

I’ve noticed a couple issues with the comments.

They now seem to be arranged with the newest on top by default, making it hard to follow conversations. While you can change that on new posts, it seems you have to do it again every time you visit a page. On the old posts, it looks like you can’t change this at all. Also, posts with a lot of comments seem to have earlier comments missing. If there’s a way to go to another page of comments, I’m not seeing it. Formatting like italics seems to be removed too.

Jimmy Akin January 15, 2012 at 5:38 pm

@bondwine Thank you! Glad you like the new site!

@The_Pachyderminator Thanks also, and thanks for pointing out issues with the combox. I’m still trying to get the combox and its settings figured out.

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